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as poorly graded sand (SP) according to the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS). The Fineness Modulus (FM) is the most commonly computed factor for fine aggregates, which is used to determine the degree of uniformity of the aggregate gradation. Fineness modulus (FM) values of the studied dune sand samples range from to (Table 1).


TESTS ON MATERIALS USED IN THE EXPERIMENTAL PROGRAMME 121 ... Fineness Modulus of Fine Aggregates 124 Coarse Aggregate 125 ... 1 Fineness of Cement a) Sieve test b) Blains specific surface Area % 315 m2/kg < % 225m2/kg 2 Specific gravity


Chemically Bonded Sand Fineness Modulus Fine Aggregate Fineness Modulus Coarse Aggregate Fineness Modulus Green Sand Fineness Modulus Chemically Bonded Sand Fineness Cement 5. MIX PROPORTIONS Table 2: Concrete Design Mix Proportions WATER (litre/m³) CEMENT (kg/m³) FINE AGGREGATE (Kg/m³) COARSE AGGREGATE 197 438 592

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and different fineness modulus () of fine aggregate. after 7 and 28 days of water curing. flow ability and viscosity of fresh SCC properties. increasing and .

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Sand Type Original Fineness Modulus Optimized Fineness Modulus S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S7 Fig. 4. Comparison .

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Aug 08, 2017· 1 Test Fineness of Cement by Sieve Analysis Method THEORY IMPORTANCE This experiment is carried out to check the proper grinding of cement. The cement which is produced by an industry is checked for its quality, that either it is good for certain type of construction or it doesn't possess that much strength.

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The obtained sizes for sand were 10 mm, mm, mm, mm, 600 μ, 300 μ, and 150 μ. The coarse aggregates were composed of 40% over 20 mm and 60% between 20 and 10 mm grain size. The fineness modulus of aggregate was considered as the weighted average size of .

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Mar 07, 2016· Fineness modulus gives the idea about how course or fine the sand is. Lower FM indicates fine sand and higher FM indicates courser sand requires more cement paste due to high surface area and tendency to develop crack.

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fineness modulus is also used to monitor the uniformity of the fine aggregates. For the purposes of this test fine aggregate is defined as that material that passes the 318 inch sieve. It is important the fineness modulus is within the acceptable range of the material used in the mix design since a finer sand would increase the water demand and possibly


Theory Fineness modulus of coarse aggregates represents the average size of the particles in the coarse aggregate by an index number. It is calculated by performing sieve analysis with standard ...


Dec 09, 2017· In this video, we will see how to do the sieve analysis and find out the Fineness Modulus of sand.

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Fineness Modulus of Sand for Concrete Fineness of fine aggregate is related to term fineness modulus ; most commonly sand. Fineness modulus is a measure to define fineness of aggregate precisely it defines coarseness or fineness of aggregate to be used in concrete .

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Test results shown that when the fineness modulus of sand in ECC was, the midspan deflection and fracture toughness of ECC increased nearly times and 2 times that of ECC with the sand fineness modulus of, respectively. With the sand getting finer, the more superplascitizer is needed and the crack width of ECC becomes smaller.

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sand (specific gravity =; fineness modulus = ) used in the A series mixes in this experiment was stored in the laboratory. The particle distribution curves are shown in Fig 1. Crushed granite (specific gravity = ) of nominal maximum size 19 mm, was used as .

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pressing the results in terms of a "fineness modulus" so that the modulus will be consistent with the appearance to the eye. The first thought is to use the mean grain size or a multiple of it as the modulus. This puts the modulus on the basis of a linear function, that is, the diameter of the crystal. The chief objection is that there is a very

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Our washed concrete sand is mined from a land based resource, and with a typical fineness modulus of ~ and less than % light weight particles. It is widely used for concrete applications. We supply various grades of coarse grade sand for use as filtration media.

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Question: Sand With A Fineness Modulus Of Is Finer Than One With A Modulus Of Ture Of False Of Silt Or Clay Interfere With Proper Hydration. Ture Of False Type Of Aggregate Gradation Is Good For Permeable Concrete?


Jul 06, 2015· Fineness Modulus Fineness modulus is generally used to get an idea of how coarse or fine the aggregate is. More fineness modulus value indicates that the aggregate is coarser and small value of fineness modulus indicates that the aggregate is finer.


The fineness modulus of samples taken from proposed sources must be a minimum and a maximum when tested in accordance withAASHTO M 6. Fine aggregate from a source with a fineness modulus variation greater than ± from the design fineness modulus of the sample may require a concrete mix redesign. Applying the

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Cement Fineness. The modulus of elasticity of concrete determined by sonic methods decreases as the fineness of the cement increases. 7. The fineness of cement influences the drying shrinkage of concrete. When the water content is increased because of fineness, the drying shrinkage is increased.