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Germanium diodes have forward voltage drops between and volts. The 2N3904 transistor is a silicon transistor, so you can expect a forward voltage drop in the range of to volts. If the transistor you are testing is in a circuit, you will need to remove the transistor from the circuit board.

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Dec 27, 2009· The Fuzz Box design I have with SPICE has high gain transistors and I replaced the Feedback Loop Resistor with a Potentiometer to get much higher gain so I could use low hfe xistors. I downloaded the and will see what I can do with it...just have to find parameters for the Ge's...should take about...12 Billion Light Years on the Internet.

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Bipolar Transistor Basics In the . Diode. tutorials we saw that simple diodes are made up from two pieces of semiconductor material, either silicon or germanium to form a simple PNjunction and we also learnt about their properties and characteristics.

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May 10, 2013· The inherently widely varying parameters in germanium transistors means resistor values selected for AC / DC biasing, Qpoint operation, feedback and stability that works for one circuit may not necessarily work in another similarly designed circuit even though both use germanium transistors .

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JHS Pollinator V2 Germanium Fuzz Pedal . Jhs pollinator v2 germanium fuzz pedal. One transistor design not an integrated circuit be amazed at the quality from just a single transistor. a braun transistor k transistor radio in working order. two ever ready catalogues, one pretransistor days the other with some transistor sets.

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Where to buy Fuzz Factory Germanium transistors? () submitted 4 years ago by foretuenny. ... Expect to pay 10+ for a pair of AC variants, 20+ for a pair of NKT variants. Russian trannies sell for 7 or so for a vetted pair. Curious to how you "destroyed" a GE transistor. As for the transistor type that will work with fuzz factory ...

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Overview. Germanium Complementaryyy Transistors Medium Power Amplifier 650 mW (Max.) Power Dissipation Designed for use as a medium power amplifier.


Figure 2. Base voltage V be as a function of base current I b for a germanium transistor. To illustrate the variation of AC base resistance with variation in base current (I b = I e / H fe), figure 2 is shown. Observe how the slope of the curves (and hence the value of R b) decreases as the base current is increased.

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I'm going to take an example of a simple common emitter about biasing and things for now, but focus on the crux of this circuit. As how I understand it, a voltage between the base node and the emitter node is varied which is ultimately amplified by the transistor, causing an inverted (amplified version) of the original signal to appear at the collector node.

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Germanium PNP transistors, manufactured by TOSHIBA. AC128 transistors are a popular choice for fuzz and overdrive pedals: used in the right configuration, the performance curves on these selected transistors will give that classic roundness only attainable with original germanium technology.

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AO4609 Complementary Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor The AO4609 uses advanced trench technology MOSFETs to provide excellent RDS(ON) and low gate charge. The complementary MOSFETs may be used to form a level shifted high side switch, and for a host of other applications. nchannel pchannel 30V VDS (V) 3A RDS(ON) < 130m (VGS <.

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Apr 17, 2013· A germanium transistor sound test of the transistors supplied by Pedalhacker: AC125k | AC128 | CV5416 | ASX12D | GT2308 | GT308B Link to Pedalhackers Ebay St...

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See Volume 6 Experiments, AC Circuits, Sensitive audio detector for details. The circuit in Figure below adds an audio amplifier to the crystal detector for greater headphone volume. The original circuit used a germanium diode and transistor. A schottky diode may be substituted for the germanium diode. A silicon transistor may be used if the ...

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But by forcing crystals of germanium or silicon to grow with impurities such as boron or phosphorus, the crystals gain entirely different electrical conductive properties. By sandwiching this material between two conductive plates (the emitter and the collector), a transistor is made. ... FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTORS

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